Wash your face with natural soap

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The steps to clean your face with a natural soap and benefit from its benefits.

1-      Run warm water over your hands, and then, rub your face gently to open the pores.

2-      Wet your soap and rub it in your hands to obtain smooth foam.

Spread the foam using circular motions.

3-      Wet a natural sponge or your hands with warm water. Rub your face, insisting on the areas around the nose and close to the hair roots.

Then, wash out your sponge and your soap with lukewarm water before drying it.

4-      Wash out your face with cold water to tone your skin and close the pores.

5-      Once washed out, tap your skin using a soft towel to dry it.

6-      And that’s it! Thanks to the natural soap, your skin is perfectly hydrated and glowing.


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