On the ingredients side

a unique recipe

Our soap is the result of a unique recipe, developed after years of controlled research and experimentation. We use extra virgin olive oil that has the property of producing bubbles, beneficent and hydrating, meaning turned into soap by the use of an alkaline. We only use the most highly regarded organic ingredients, as well as a complete panel of essential fatty acids in order to obtain products with extremely rich hydrating properties. They undergo a cold-process, in a way that retains these highly valuable ingredients and active nutriments.

Extra virgin olive oil

All of our soap contains a minimum amount of 50% to 60% of labeled extra virgin olive oil. This oil comes from the best olive groves of Spain, a country that is known as the first producer and exporter of olives in the world. The one in Seville, out of the large Spanish varieties where we purchase our oil, is the most widely spread and of the best quality. We make our products with the first pressing of the extra virgin oil, with absolutely no filtration.

As you can imagine, we pay due attention to this ingredient because it's its quality that will determine the final soap’s quality. Moreover, the olive oil contains many hydrating agents, notably the squalane, a substance that is naturally present in our skin. The squalane found in the oil of our natural soap protects all type of skins, especially dry and sensitive skins, accelerating the healing thanks to the vitamin E it contains. It's neither greasy nor comedogene (it doesn't close the skin’s pores).

Shea Butter

Why the shea butter? This exceptional butter has incredible hydrating and healing properties the Vitamins A, E and F of this butter in the of these imbalances: dry and irritated skin, skin imperfections, wrinkles, sunburns, skin irritations, surface wounds, cracked skin, stretch marks, skin allergies, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis; its properties are limitless. Shea butter also contains a natural protective agent against ultraviolet rays. Used on a daily basis, it reduces the aging process due to sun exposure. Finally, it also works as an invisible barrier against the aggressions caused by cigarette smoke and air pollutants.

Our shea butter is a premium quality element, unrefined and organic, unlike regular shea butter other companies use in their soap and cosmetics, which is white and refined shea butter. Just like the olive oil, we only purchase high quality shea butter from a cooperative in Ghana, for the benefit of the fair -trade.