Our compagny

Natural handmade soap

Passion soap is a French company that makes natural handmade soap since 1999. Established in the South-West of France, we present a large range of soap, including products of extreme smoothness. Our artisanal soap that is completely new and emanating original scents are made for your pleasure.

Good for your skin, and refined-looking, they are certified by the European regulations in effect. We put our experience and knowledge in the field of natural artisanal soapery and therapy at your service, to offer you high-end products that respect the artisanal traditions. Each one of our products does, in fact, reflect the energy we put in searching for raw materials and in our dedication to offer artisanal natural soap of excellence.

Entirely natural, our artisanal soap is all handmade, manually cut, and packed one-by-one by our team. Therefore, each piece is unique and is given to you in its most beautiful adornments.

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Our ethics

We aim to create unique natural soap, products, and creams for the active care of the skin. We spent more than a quarter of a century developing our recipes and improving our production process in order to produce absolutely everything in an ethical way. As we're always in continual evolution, we're always looking to find the best quality ingredients in the whole world. No concession can be accepted in this process.

This is the reason why we don't use products derived from animals (except honey and milk) and we never test our products on animals. Commitment and quality are dear to our hearts, and we go all the way to respect them. In order to make our products accessible to the largest number of people, our products are suitable for vegetarians, and, except appointed ingredients, are also suitable for vegans. We never use the raw ingredients that may endanger our planet in any way. Therefore, we never use palm oil in our products, even though it's a commonly found compound in most soap.

Our commitment is to make the best possible products, nevertheless, not to expense of our Mother Nature. This is why the ingredients we use are biodegradable. Our production process doesn’t deposit any waste. Our products are all handmade and need little water and electricity use.