“Maître Artisan” Certification

The passion of a job

The title Maître Artisan or Master Artisan is an honorable title for the artisan that receives it since it's the highest distinction that he may be granted. To receive it, one has to respect very particular requirements controlled by the “Chambre des Métiers et de l'Artisanat” (Chamber of Trade and Crafts). These requirements are the guaranty of a knowledge that some fervent hold as an art. Look conditions

Beyond the certification, the "Maître Artisan" title embodies an actual commitment to a professional competence. The value of each Maître Artisan is to enhance its work by creating unique products, and by maintaining the respect of customs, contrary to mass production.

Passion soap has, therefore, met these values and offers you products that are made in respect of the tradition of the Maîtres Artisans and the soapery.

The commandments of the Maître Artisan :

-          Respect the production technique and the traditional production laws,

-          Know how to renew its products to offer a diversified range of a impeccable quality,

-          Guarantee the best quality in the selection of raw materials,

-          Have a perfect hygiene and respect the norms in effect when making the products.