Cold-process saponification

All of our soap is made according to the traditional method called "cold-process saponification". This artisanal process allows the production of soap naturally and without heat.

Its advantage: it's made at a low temperature, around 30oC, thus allowing the properties of the vegetable oils to remain intact, since they aren’t suitable for a temperature higher than 40o C. Finally, the cold-process production allows producing soap naturally rich in glycerin, which is known for its hydrating properties.

Raw materials resulting from biological agricultural

We rigorously select the raw materials used in the making of our soap by using ingredients that are labeled organic and 100% natural. Our aroma therapy specialist mixes (deliberately) premiums quality essential oils, and creates intoxicating aromas, giving each soap bar its own character.

The little extra our soap has? Soap made with olive oil, for instance, are flavored with fresh fruits and vegetables, plants, herbs, flowers, and spices, added to clay and plant pigments to give them an interesting texture that is also visually enjoyable. Beyond the subtle scents that take you to a universe of softness, you'll definitely see your skin's health improving and its appearance glowing, nurtured by the bountiful properties of the natural artisanal soap.


Olive oil soap and Castile Soap

The main ingredient of our soap is extra virgin olive oil that we got from Andalusia, Spain. Originating from the first edible cold press, it's one of the highest qualities olive oils that can be found. This quality can be felt in the extreme smoothness of our soap. We then add coconut oil and bio unrefined shea butter to the olive oil, giving the soap creamy properties and producing slight foam. This unique formula is also reinforced by multiple organic oils resulting from cold-presses: avocado, apricot, argan, blackcurrant, borage, carrot, linseed oil, hemp, almond, briar, sunflower, and shea and organic cocoa butter. We don't use petroleum-based substances or chemical products, preservatives, or detergents. Our ethics forbid us unquestionably from using palm oil and its derivatives because of significant problems linked to its production, notably the deforestation that is devastating for the environment. .

The label "Animal-cruelty-free"

Our products are not tested on animals and are certified by the label “cruelty-free", a label proving that no substance was tested on animals for at least five years. Finally, our natural soap is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, except those containing milk, cream, yogurt, honey, pollen, and chocolate. Our natural soap can be used for the bath and shower as a cleaning agent, for shaving, and as a solid shampoo.